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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 have the spirit of trying to bring out a more accessible Web.

But in their way they lost their simplicity and easyness.

The goal of this book is summarize the Guidelines and their techniques to facilitate the development of accessible websites. THe book has been written in a style and language aimed to be used by web project managers, developers, information architects, interaction designers or content strategists for a practical and learning purpose.

The book

Book WCAG 2.0 made easy

It is divided into 6 chapters where the reader can find out the guidelines and the techniques, but also templates to apply the methodology

  1. Introduction to the key elements of the Guidelines: organization, conformance leves, accessibility supported technologies, conformance claims...
  2. Principle 1: Perceivable. Our website can be visited by people with very different types of perceptive preferences and needs, but also by robots (search engines, automatic translators...).
  3. Principle 2: Operable. Web designers must be aware of the different devices the users can manage to use the website, so they must make the user interface components and navigation elements in a way that everyone can "operate" with it.
  4. Principle 3: Understable. If our users don't understand what we are talking about, or we make them feel lost, we have a problem.
  5. Principle 4: Robust. We must be aware of the evolution of the technologies to adapt our website to their new capabilities.
  6. Tools. Templates and other useful stuff that will help you to understand and apply the Guidelines.

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The author

Olga Revilla is an interaction designer with +15 years of experience that thinks, design, code and test interfaces. She is member of the SIDAR and she has colaborated with the official translation group of the WCAG 2.0 into Spanish.

Olga Revilla is PhD. in Industrial Engineering and Bachelor in Journalism. She also holds an MBA, a Master in Multimedia & Internet and a Master in Human Factors.

Olga Revilla - Itákora

The prologue of this book has been written by Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo, president of the SIDAR Seminar, the main non-profit organization on web accessibility in Spain. Part of the benefits of this book are donated to honor on their work.

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